Visual Arts

Mount Eliza North Primary School’s visual arts curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum and IB PYP visual arts scope and sequence, which identifies the phase level, appropriate conceptual understandings and learning outcomes considered essential to learning through the visual arts.

The conceptual understandings are divided into four strands:

  • Explore & Express Ideas
  • Visual Arts Practices
  • Present & Perform
  • Respond & Interpret

Mount Eliza North Primary School provides weekly art classes for all students which are taught by a specialist teacher. The art room environment aims to promote creativity, inquiry based learning and development of fine motor skills. We also cater to all individual learning needs and abilities. Children are introduced to a wide variety of experiences using different materials and techniques. Art displays are placed throughout the school showcasing our students’ artwork.

The annual Mt Eliza Art & Design Show is a community event held on the school premises during term four.