In the early years, students are introduced to basic vocabulary through songs, games and activities. Their writing skills and phonological awareness are addressed as in the first language classroom. Students become aware of differences and similarities in the vocabulary and structure of the two languages and are encouraged to infer meaning and try out new vocabulary and language forms.

As children progress in their language acquisition they are encouraged to use the second language more independently and accurately. Students are introduced to a variety of text types, ranging from procedural texts to poetry. The learning is enhanced by the introduction and reinforcement of thinking and recording skills.  The transdisciplinary nature of the course uses additional subject areas such as history and geography as a means of considering other languages and cultures and vice-versa.

The overall objective of the language program at Mount Eliza North Primary School is to help equip our students with the necessary attitudes and skills to become progressive language learners both in their first language and in second language learning, whether they continue with French/German or begin another language when they reach secondary school.