Literacy Intervention

At Mount Eliza North Primary School, we are committed to ensuring all students develop the essential skills for proficient reading so that they are able to ‘read to learn’ and can readily access all curriculum areas.

Phonological Awareness Program in the Foundation Year: Empirical research details the effectiveness of phonological awareness skills as a prerequisite for reading.  To support the acquisition of these skills, a phonological awareness program is conducted for Foundation students who are identified as needing additional support.  This highly successful program has been operational at Mount Eliza North Primary School for over 15 years.  As part of this program, all Foundation students are screened in Term 1 by our consultant Speech Pathologist and a report is provided to parents detailing their child’s results.  Students requiring additional support receive small group instruction focusing on the skills from the phonological awareness continuum. 

Literacy Intervention: Additional assistance is provided in the junior school which focuses on developing the skills of reading, spelling and writing and is designed to support the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.  A small group of students participate in daily literacy intervention lessons designed to develop skills, strategies, and the confidence, to become more independent readers and writers commensurate with their expected year level.

Literacy Intervention Team: Mount Eliza North Primary School utilises a case management system