Music Program

Mount Eliza North Primary School offers a developmental music program from P-6. Our music education program offers all students the opportunity to be actively involved for a 40 minute session each week per semester in learning music through singing and playing. They have opportunities in the music classroom to compose, create and perform music while developing a repertoire of songs that target specific skills appropriate to their level of learning music. Students learn traditional notation in rhythm and melody. The Junior years tuition focusses on beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch, instrument families and creating their own beginner rhythms. Year 3-6 students receive tuition on recorder, ukulele, keyboard and drumming as part of the classroom music education program to further develop and enhance music literacy skills and music language. Senior students are invited to audition for our Year 6 drum band at the commencement of the school year. Through individual and collaborative experiences that engage and enrich, students are given opportunities to continually develop their music skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to use their music skills, imagination, creativity and expression. These experiences assist students to appreciate and engage in music, as well as laying a foundation for ongoing music learning and development throughout their lives.

Middle & Senior Choir Program

Year 3-6 students are invited to join our Middle/Senior Choir Program. Our Super Choir rehearses once per week during half of lunchbreak. This is a fun extra-curricular activity that also fosters tuneful singing and aural development. Traditionally, the Super Choir performs at Mornington Peninsula Choral Festivals, school assemblies and special events throughout the school year.


Instrumental Program

MENPS has a rich instrumental program and offers private tuition in Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Ukelele, Keyboard, Piano & Singing. Most instruments can also be hired from the school. When students reach a level of competency in their chosen instrument they are invited to join our school Band conducted by Tonino Berghella, which plays each week at assemblies. We offer an extension Ensemble session for more experienced and senior students which rehearses weekly and performs at various school events throughout the year.



Mount Eliza North Primary School students receive many opportunities to perform throughout the year. This includes assemblies, choral festivals, band days, open days and our annual ‘Musical Soiree’, held each year at George Jenkins Theatre, which showcases all the amazing musical talent of our students. Our students are encouraged to perform to celebrate their wonderful achievements and build self confidence.