Enrolment Process.

Make an appointment to speak with the Principal and/or attend a school tour. School Tours are held regularly throughout Term 2 with dates and times advertised on the school’s web site as well as in local kindergartens and child care centres. Please call the Principal if you have any further queries.

1 – Tour

Contact the school to check tour times and dates. Alternatively check the website or the school's mobile APP for up to date enrolment information.

2 – Apply

Complete an Intention To Enrol form. These forms must be submitted by the last day of Term 2 each year.

3 – Notification

All families will be notified by week three of Term 3 with the outcome of their enrolment application.

4 – Enrolment Forms

Parents will be sent a formal enrolment form that must be returned by week five of Term 3 to secure their child’s place.

Download this Year’s Tour Dates

Tour Dates


A cap of 650 students was introduced at Mount Eliza North Primary School in 2013 due to the substantial increase in student enrolments and site capacity issues. This is the maximum number of students the school can accommodate.

As per the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development guidelines and Mount Eliza North Primary School’s Enrolment Policy, where there are insufficient places at our school for all students who seek entry, students are enrolled in the following priority order:
1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
3. Where the Regional Director has restricted enrolment, students who reside nearest the school.
4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.

Contact the Admissions Registrar.

  • 03 9787 6611
  • mount.eliza.north.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
  • 6 Moseley Drive Mt Eliza VIC, 3930